Fast Food Items You Definitely Should Not Order

Fast Food Items You Definitely Should Not Order

Over on Reddit, user theonlybluecow opened up a thread with the question, “Chain restaurant employees, what should customers not order from your menu?” Past and present fast food employees from all kinds of chain restaurants chimed in with their two cents about what customers should avoid from their menus. Check out our gallery to see which fast food items you should skip, according to people who worked in the kitchen.

Burger King Chicken or Veggie Burgers

From Reddit user matt_452: “Used to work at Burger King. Don’t order grilled chicken or veggie burgers. No one orders them, so they sit for hours (literally) and they become horrible dried out garbage. Also avoid the crispy chicken and fish because they tend to sit around for a while too.

EDIT: Since apparently i’m ruining veggie burgers for people, just ask for it made fresh and don’t come through the drive thru. The only thing BK management cares about is drive thru times. Come in to the store, ask for it (or anything) made fresh and 99% of the time they’ll do it.”

Cold Stone with Raisins

Reddit user avantgardeaclue says: “Worked at Coldstone. Don’t get raisins(if they still even offer raisins as a mix-in) they’ve been sitting there since the dawn of time.”

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