Get Ready For Summer With These Perfect Popsicle Recipes

Get Ready For Summer With These Perfect Popsicle Recipes

It’s heating up out there, which means it’s time to start preparing everyone’s favorite cool-off treats: popsicles! We searched around for some of the most creative popsicle recipes out around the internet, from fruity to creamy (and everything in between).

Watermelon Kiwi Popsicles

Show off your crafty side with these watermelon-kiwi confections which – of course – look like watermelons! You’ll want to keep your freezer stocked with these pops for hot summer days. Check out the recipe HERE.

Chunky Monkey Popsicles

If you’re fan of banana, peanut butter, and chocolate (and let’s be honest – who isn’t?), these popsicles are really going to hit the spot. And with whole chunks of banana, these treats could be the perfect way to get your kids to eat some fruit. Get the recipe HERE.

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