One Pot Recipes Which Make Cooking Easy

One Pot Recipes Which Make Cooking Easy

With all kinds of complicated recipes out there, cooking can be hard – and everyone knows, the only thing worse than cooking is cleaning up the gigantic mess you made in the kitchen. Enter the one pot recipe: easy to make, easy to clean up, one pot recipes have been taking cooking sites by storm. Chefs’ Lives searched around to find 15 of the best one pot recipes, which you’ll love to eat and won’t hate cleaning up (quite as much).

Baked Curry Risotto

This baked recipe yields perfect risotto results and only one dirty dish to clean up! Get the recipe here.

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Greek-Style Vegetable Casserole

Mouthwatering veggies, tart lemon juice, salty crumbled feta, all cooked together in just one pot – this is quite possibly the perfect meal. Check out the recipe here.

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