Passover Recipes That Won’t Make You Say Oy Vey

Passover Recipes That Won’t Make You Say Oy Vey

If you’re Jewish, it’s that time of year again: Passover is upon us, which means eight days of no leavened bread products (among other things). It can be hard to think of creative recipes for the holiday beyond the classic meat-and-potatoes, which means you can reach meal fatigue pretty quickly. We scoured the internet for 12 of the freshest kosher for Passover recipes around, so you can take a break from matzah pizza.

Passover Nachos with Homemade Plantain Chips

Just because it’s Passover doesn’t mean your diet has to be boring. This recipe subs in home-baked plantain chips for the usual tortilla chips, so you still get that cheesy crunch you crave. Perfect for Passover, or as a gluten-free alternative all year round! Check out the recipe HERE.

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Pizza Matzah Brei

Anybody who keeps kosher for Passover has had matzah brei, the breakfast staple that is a strange hybrid of matzah and scrambled eggs. This matzah brei gets creative, incorporating pizza flavors so you won’t miss your favorite chametz (bread product) during the holiday. Find out how to make it HERE.

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